Environmental Services

Archaeology & Heritage Resources

  • Archaeological Resource Impact Assessments;
  • Archaeological Survey, Testing and Mitigation;
  • Construction Site Monitoring;
  • Geophysical Survey;
  • GIS Mapping and Predictive Modeling;
  • Air Photo and LiDAR Interpretation;
  • Archival and Historical Records Research;
  • Cultural Landscape Interpretive Plans;

Environmental Monitoring/Inspection Services

  • Environmental Inspection/Monitoring Services for Oil and Gas Projects;
  • Environmental Inspection/Monitoring Services for Transportation Projects;
  • Environmental Inspection/Monitoring Services for Mining projects;
  • Environmental Inspection/Monitoring Services for Hydroelectric Projects;
  • Environmental Inspection/Monitoring Services for Pulp and Paper Projects.

Environmental Permitting and Planning

  • Water Code of Practice Notification;
  • Water Act Approvals;
  • Reclamation Certificate Approval;
  • Species at Risk Act - Incidental Harm Authorizations;
  • EA/EIA Approvals;

Environmental Management Plans

  • Environmental Construction Operation (Eco Plans);
  • Environmental Management and Protection Plans;
  • Permanent and Temporary Erosion and Sediment Control Design and Plans;
  • Care of Water Plans;
  • Wetland Mitigation and Reclamation Plans;
  • Wildlife Management Plans;
  • Forest Management Plans.

Environmental Assessments

  • Phase 1/2/3 Environmental Site Assessment;
  • Site Reclamation;
  • Biophysical Assessment;
  • Pre & Post Disturbance Wetland Assessment;
  • Pre/Post Disturbance Borrow Pit Assessment;
  • Wetland restoration/Creation;
  • Watercourse Crossings Assessments;
  • Fish and Fish Habitat Assessments;
  • Wildlife Sweep & Survey;
  • Water and Soil Quality Assessments;
  • Amphibian surveys and salvages;
  • Hydrological modeling and flow monitoring;
  • Soil Surveys.

Biophysical Services

  • Fish & Habitat Surveys;
  • Water and sediment quality;
  • Fish distribution studies and population indexing;
  • Analysis of water and sediment quality for effluent discharge, dredging, and disposal in compliance with Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and other relevant guidelines and regulations;
  • Habitat suitability assessments and in-stream flow requirements;
  • Fish passage assessments and restoration;
  • Wetland Inventory and Delineations;
  • Terrestrial Wildlife and Habitat Surveys;
  • Ecosystem Inventory (Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping - TEM);
  • Rare Plant and Community Inventories and Assessment;
  • Species of Concern (COSEWIC and SARA);
  • Avian Inventories involving count surveys, brood surveys, call playback, breeding birds, and pre-clearing nest searches;
  • Amphibian surveys and salvages;
  • Hydrological modeling and flow monitoring;
  • Pre-Disturbance Assessments and Conservation and Reclamation Plans;